Saturday, February 28, 2009


My daughter Evie is amazingly creative. Since she was practically a baby I have been torn between wanting to let her explore her creativity by providing paper and art supplies and hating the constant mess of half doodled pieces of paper, colored pencils and markers everywhere. And then there was the excessive consumption of paper and tape that still drives the environmentalist in me crazy. I guess it was worth it. I am amazed with some of the things she can come up with. I'm still in awe over the life sized Hermoine and bed. She was 7 and did it all by herself by taping multiple pieces of paper together and cutting them out. To see a picture click on this blog entry. She recently entered an art contest at school and her entry has made it to the state level and is being judged.

She had made so many Harry Potter decorations in the past I really wanted to be able to include some of her pieces in the party. She made Fluffy, the three headed dog, complete with the trap door and paws using brown construction paper and crayon. I think she did a good job.

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