Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Friend Janet

Years ago when Evie was not even 2 years old, I met Janet. She had a son about Evie's age and organized a weekly playgroup that we attended. She also had an older daughter who much to my dismay was reading Harry Potter at age 7. I thought that was unbelievable. I also thought it was a little crazy when my friend threw her daughter a huge over the top Harry Potter birthday party. Little did I know I would be following in her footsteps a few years later when my daughter was her daughter's age. Life can be funny that way.

I knew she'd kept a lot of her decorations. I asked to borrow her sorting hat and she came to my house with a van-load full of stuff including Gryffindor robes, cauldrons, a huge gold antique picture frame, fabric yardage, a cardboard stone wall and much more. Some of those items really made the details of the party. It wouldn't have been the same without it. Thanks Janet!

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