Saturday, February 28, 2009

Potions Class - The Potion Jars

My kids had so much fun making potions in a cauldron with their friends earlier in the year. I knew this could be one of the best parts of the party. I had been wanting to create potion bottles for Halloween anyway so I was excited about this because I knew I could reuse them for that purpose after the party. That part was easy.

But what to mix the potion in. I knew one big cauldron would be a disaster as I'd already witnessed the arguments about who gets to add what ingredients to the potion. Each child needed their own container to mix in. Preferably something that was water tight so the kids could take their potions home with them. Fortunately I'd been saving large jam jars so I had a good start but with 16 kids I was going to need a few more so I saved jars for a month prior to the party. Just cleaning the labels off was a job.

I had done some research on the internet and found a few antique English chemist labels. We used those for ideas and then designed our own in Photoshop including the Hogwarts crest our own Chemist logo with a place for the student's name. I printed them onto full sheet (8 1/2 x 11") labels and cut them with a paper cutter, then applied them to the jars.

They turned out cool and I know my kids will continue to make potions in theirs for a long time.

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  1. Do you sell or have a downloadable version of these labels? I would love to use these for my son's birthday party but just don't have the talent to make them. Thanks.