Saturday, February 28, 2009

Potions Class - The Fun

Unfortunately my Professor Snape wouldn't agree to come (You know who you are.) so Dumbledore taught Potions Class. The kids really had a blast. We had a few do-overs and a couple spills but that was to be expected.

The kids were pretty good about sharing the ingredients but I made sure to have lots so kids weren't standing around waiting.

On second thought perhaps test tubes full of concentrated food coloring wasn't such a good idea.

Some kids even dared drink their potions. For that reason I only used edible ingredients. That's not to say it tasted good.
"Hermione" consulting the potion book to make Polyjuice Potion.

This is how gross they got.

Instruct the kids to dump any rejects in the toilet (and yes they did dump and start over) NOT the sink unless you happen to be a plumber.

The aftermath. I was really glad I used a plastic tablecloth.

Sadly I was so busy the day of the party that I forgot to get any good shots of the potions table beforehand.  But I did take some pictures of the ingredients afterward, they are in another post. It really did look cool.


  1. Hi - great blog - thank you so much for sharing. Very Creative.

    I have a question about the potions class:
    did the kids use pipettes or droppers to transfer wet liquids?

    were the kids more interested in following a recipe than just adding their own ingredients?

    I am doing a potions event for my son's 7th bday and I think we are just going to use that soda machine to make sodas - but the kids won't really know that (-:

    Thanks again for sharing!
    Mary in Oakland

  2. This party is unreal! I love it! I think it is funny how this party is for little kids, but I would honestly love having a party like this with my friends, and I'm 22! Great job! This party looks fantastic!

  3. Great party, I am truly inspired!! Just wondered where you got Dumbledore's costume actually all the costumes for that matter??? Please do tell!!

  4. Yes, Mary, you need pipettes or droppers for the liquid ingredients unless you want a mess.

    Some kids experimented, others really wanted to duplicate a recipe. Of course, the Pollyjuice Potion was the favorite. If you didn't want to make a Potion Book you could simply have the class assignment be to make Polyjuice Potion and print out a single page with the recipe from the book.

  5. Lovelyadklady, Dumbledore's costume was a robe and cape purchased at the Goodwill. It happened to have stars on it and that helped. It was probably a marching band cape. The hat was purchased off the internet. Just use Google and I'm sure you'll find it for sale. As well as other pieces such as ties, scarfs etc. Ebay is a great source for costumes! You can find nearly anything "Harry Potter" there.

    The Minerva costume was pieced together from items from my closet, the Goodwill, the costume store.

    We had all the primary costumes from Halloween. My son and daughters velvet robes were used and purchased off E-bay and are now near impossible to find. My friend Janet brought the extra robes and cauldrons.

    Perhaps if time permits I will add a section on costumes in the future.

  6. P.S. The wig and beard and glasses were puchased at a local costume store. We added the beard tie.

  7. Oh Minerva...just started planning my girls' birthday bash and am sure no one has contacted you about purchasing your Bertie Botts Bean Bags so here I you have 20 left for sale? You have made this party so much easier for me - I shall be borrowing shamelessly!


  8. Oh my gosh!! Such an amazing party!! My son just told me he wants a Harry Potter birthday party so I went online to try and get some ideas- I'm so glad I stumbled on your site. You are amazing!! Love all of your ideas! Thank you for sharing!

  9. I have nere seen anything like are awesome. On thing I would add is a whomping willow...ok its really called a TickleMe Plant. Its the only plant the kids and their parents can grow that will close its leaves and lower its branches when tickled. Search TickleMe Plant to find the only real plant that moves like an animal! We use the TickleMe Plant Party Favors at our Harry Potter Parties.

  10. i found a direct link to TickleMe Plant supplies and video

  11. Oh my god... I have no words! I was just making «pumpkin juice smoothies» and thinking about a Lune Lovegood costume for tomorrow and I searched to see any ideas for the party and I found your Harry Potter Party. You are simply incredible, those things, it's like a dream for any kid and even for me (I am 23 years old).

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  13. Love the ZOMBIE PLANT kit to grow the Zombie Plant that plays Dead when you Touch It!!

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  16. so fascinated! I am a huge fan of Harry Potter... and I wanted to have a kids party with this theme.. I love those spell ideas.. just like the movies! thanks for sharing!


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