Saturday, February 28, 2009

Divination Class

My long time friend Kelly agreed to come be Professor Trelawney the Divination teacher. We removed the sorting hat from the table and placed a tray full of Divination items including a candle a crystal ball with a picture of Voldemort in it (that was really a picture frame), a set of runes and tarot cards that I already had, and a tea cup.

She sat in a chair on one side and had a student sit in a chair on the other side. She then asked the students what they knew about any of the Divination arts. They raised their hands and gave answers. The items on the tray clued them in.

She then read many of their palms giving cute fortunes such as "I seeeeeeee cake in your future." Or "You will live a long life with much laughter and good friends."  "I see many birthday parties in your future." etc. etc. She was GREAT! She totally looked and acted the part. Thank you Kelly for being such a good friend!!!

Then we did tea leaf readings for the kids that didn't have their palms read. Same idea as with the fortune telling, simple easy to tell fortunes.

Oooh, I think she sees "The Grim". Actually we didn't do that, but that would have been good.

Then she pretended to see a scary vision in the crystal ball and that was the end of the class as we moved on to Potions class with Professor Dumbledore.
A closer look at the Divination tray.


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