Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Invitation

In doing research I saw frequently that a Hogwart's acceptance letter was used as the invitation. It seemed like the obvious choice since I could create it myself at home and it would be fun for kids to receive their own Hogwarts acceptance letter.

I found an example on this website:

But ultimately since I like to write, I wrote my own letter. I hinted at activities that would be included at the party and used the letter from the book for some of the details so it would feel authentic. I even sealed them with sealing wax that was left over from my wedding invitations. From experience I knew they couldn't be mailed with the wax. Because most of the kids live close by or we see regularly we were able to hand deliver them. Evie thought it was better that they arrive by "owl post" anyway, without a postmark. A couple we handed out discreetly before school, but I don't recommend doing that. Because they were hand delivered I was able to use the Harry Potter address: Cupboard Under the Stairs, 4 Privet Drive etc. which the kids thought was fun.

I used Microsoft Word to create the letter, the font I used was Blackadder ITC in a custom selected green and the crest image I got off the internet. I would have loved to have had an H for my wax seal but there wasn't enough time to order one and still get the invitation out when I wanted so I used the flower seal from our wedding invitations. I wanted to make sure the invitations went out in plenty of time because Evie's real birthday always falls during the week of mid-winter break and I wanted people to have plenty of notice before going out of town.


  1. Where did you get the image of the Hogwarts crest from?

  2. I'm totally gaga over Harry Potter.This will be a great idea for my nephew's party. Love the invitation.It always brings me back to Hogwarts.AML

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